Range Rover SCL / ESL / ELV Emulator

Range Rover SCL / ESL / ELV Emulator


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Range Rover SCL / ESL / ELV emulator

Designed for MY 2001…2009 (BMW ideology). Plug & Play. Manages bus wake-up, key presence monitoring and key turn enable according to EWS status.

  • 12-pin connector: plugs directly into original connector, pin1 is marked on opposite side of board. Wire to 1st pin is usually BLUE in original car wiring loom.
  • Emulator is reusable (not locked to car).

HINT – if key turns, but there is no start allowed: find wire directly coming from EWS to ESL (P/N signal, wired through ESL) and short it to +12v. Or recode EWS to ignore this wire (on most cars it is ignored by default).

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