BMW EWS3 Immo Emulator

BMW EWS3 Immo Emulator


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BMW EWS3 Immobiliser Emulator

Covers ALL BMW cars up to MY 2006 100%, later cars with  EWS4 or CAS3+  will work only if ews4 mode is not active. Most likely it will work on some LAND ROVER / RANGE ROVER cars with BMW engines, but we didn’t performed any tests.


Some special cases where EWS is not necessary:

  • Motorsports,
  • Various engine swap situations where new type engine is installed on old car without any EWS on board,
  • Boats,
  • Test ECU’s for garage technicians to help locate problems more quickly and easily.


4 wires (EWS line, K-line for diagnostics and configuration, “15” Ignition ON, GND. Original EWS must be removed. EWS line must be free – disconnected from CAS or EWS. Cut or pull out pin from ecu connector.


  • Launch configuration tool, write ISN, select mode and write these data into emulator by pressing button WRITE. It is possible to read back ISN and mode from emulator at any time.
  • Set emulator for alignment,
  • Set ECU for new start value.

Steps 2 and 3 are necessary only when EWS3 mode is used. In case of EWS2 car is ready to start immediately after writing correct ISN and EWS2 mode into emulator.

Some EWS3 specifics:

During alignment power supply must be uninterrupted. Otherwise procedure fails.
Wiring loom must match original specification – permanent “30”, must remain ON even after “15” is switched off. Main relay is mandatory.

Alignment in case of EWS can be done with INPA too. At first set emulator for alignment, then launch INPA, launch script for engine, perform EWS3 alignment. Must note that most INPA scripts try to communicate with EWS or CAS even if ECU script is launched. Error must occur, ignore it! Wait until procedure is finished, observe feedback. If alignment fails, turn off ignition, wait some seconds, turn ignition ON, repeat procedure.

Below is example how to connect emulator to MS42 engine ECU. In case of MS43 and DDE4 picture looks very similar because ECU connector and pin outs are the same.
Software to program the emulator can be downloaded below (password will be given after purchase)

Software (password protected)

  • Ews line – connector D, pin 33
  • K-line – connector D, pin 32
  • “15” ignition ON – connector D, pin 26


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