Yamaha Bike Immo Emulator

Yamaha Bike Immo Emulator


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Yamaha Bike Immobilizer Emulator

Product Information

Designed for bikes motor tuning – can eliminate all 2006-2019 years Yamaha bikes and scooters motor ECU immobilizer function. Works with YFZ R1, R6,  X-MAX, T-MAX, V-MAX and others

Simple installation – just connect it to immobilizer wires like in picture
Connection diagram on bike side:

Black (2 pcs.)                   GND
Red with a green stripe       BATT (+12v)
Red with a white stripe        IGN (+12v)
Blue                               LED (+5v)
Yellow with a blue strip        K-line Immo-ECU

User Manual

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm





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