Matiz Immobiliser Emulator

Matiz Immobiliser Emulator


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Matiz Immobiliser Emulator

Matiz IMMO Emulator is used to emulate the function of IMMO immobiliser system. Used to replace a broken immobiliser or a lost car key. The emulator can emulate a good working immobiliser for car engine control unit / Vehicle ECU. The emulator is useful for car tuning specialist, when a new engine is installed in an old vehicle and you need disable original immobiliser function of the engine ECU. IMMO EMULATOR Can replace defective immobiliser unit (very common problem in older cars).

Emulator supports:

Daewoo MATIZ with Siemens Fenix 5M ECU’s
Daewoo MATIZ with Sirius Kemsco D3 ECU’s

Easy to use, only three cables to connect. Emulator self-learning immobiliser code.

matiz Immo Emulator

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