PSA PIN Code Calculator

PSA PIN Code Calculator


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Peugeot & Citroen PIN Code Calculator

Basically, with this tool you will be able to extract the pin code from PSA engines in Peugeot and Citroen cars from 2001 to Present!

The calculator has two modes, these are explained below.

Mode-1 Calculator: Connect the supplied OBD lead to car and select “Calculator” Then cycle the ignition 8 times. Each time to cycle the ignition the counter will increase. On the 8th turn the calculator will start working. Wait about 5 minutes and the security pin will be displayed on the screen.

Mode-2 Emulator: The Emulator function will just emulate a working key once the pin has been calculated. This can be useful for diagnosing problems with the security system.

Not all cars can be done via the diagnostic port, some cars require the calculator to be connected to the CAN H and L cables under the bonnet. Basically if a CAN H and L connection is available in the diagnostic port then you will be able to use the calculator through the OBDII port, if not then it requires a direct connection.

There are a few video showing how the calculator works, and also how to make a direct connection to the CAN H and L.

Cars tested through OBD11 (not limited to)
508,208,407,307,C4 Picasso, DS3 2014, etc….

Cars that require a direct connection (not limited to)
Citroen C8 2003

The calculator will work on cars from 2001 to the present day as long as its the ORIGINAL PSA engine type found in Peugeot and Citroen


1 x PIN Calculator
1 x OBDII Lead
1 x CAN connection cables

Video Demonstration

Video 1 : demonstration of pin calculation.
Video 2 : demonstration of immo emulator – key antenna removed.
Video 3 : demonstration of pin calculation on pug 508 2012 – no need to cycle the ignition 8 time.
Video 4 : Demonstration of pin calculation via direct connection, Citroen-C8-2003.

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