Volvo S40 C70 C30 V50 Steering Lock Emulator

Volvo S40 C70 C30 V50 Steering Lock Emulator


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Volvo | S40 | C70 | C30 | V50 | Steering Lock Emulator

Works with the following models

| S40 | C70 | C30 | V50 |

This emulator can be used if the original SCL board responds to CEM requests, to allow the emulator to store synch data from CEM / SCL.


  1. Turn ignition off and remove key
  2. Plug in the programming cable (setup mode), Green wire connected to LIN between SCL and CEM (SCL pin 4) Please Use OBD plug (pin 16 is +12V & pin 4/5 is GND) to Power the emulator (red and black)
    Do not use SCL power lines because they are managed through CEM (only works when SCL is locked or unlocked.
  3. LED should now be solid green. Plug the key in – if everything is OK, the Green LED should now be blinking red and all the necessary data has already been received and saved.
  4. Unplug the Emulator from OBD Socket (+ red / black -), remove the programming harness (working mode).
  5. Pull the original SCL out of the socket and plug the in the emulator (make sure the programming harness is not plugged in)

Volvo-c30 s40 c70 v50



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