In-Circuit Programming Adapter


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IN-CIRCUIT Programming Adapter

Pomona Soic Test Clip

In many circumstances it is highly desirable to work with a 8 pin memory device or Motorola 68HC05/08/11 family micro controller while it remains connected to the printed circuit board. To accomplish this, the programming instrument must not only generate the proper algorithms capable of accessing the part, but also be able to provide sufficient signal drive current such that the existing circuitry on the board does not interfere with reading and programming the device. The EPROM+ socket pin drivers use a push-pull output stage, which in nearly all cases, are capable of driving pins on a device while it remains soldered to the circuit board assembly.

The chip clip provides the easiest and most direct method for attaching to a surface mounted serial eeprom. The clip contains 8 individual brass points which contact the eeprom leads once the clip is oriented and released. The spring loaded mechanism holds the clip firmly in place. A red dot indicates pin 1 on the part to assist in proper orientation. In order for the clip to function properly, the eeprom leads must be clean and there must be sufficient clearance between the package and the board for the jaw mechanism to attach.

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